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April 2017 – FYI from the Director

When I first entered the profession of fundraising, there were few journals—or for that matter, few books as well—that were available for us to read and learn. These were credible and helpful as I developed professionally, and putting together a bibliography of such printed resources was a cinch. That’s no longer true!

On the positive side, there are many journals of substance which contain excellent material and these are the ones that I will bring to your attention each month via the PSI website. On the flip side, there is reading material produced today that perhaps doesn’t quite measure up to high-quality standards and even may border on hype. Of course, these will not be named, except to say, “If you’re going to spend time reading, and money in purchasing subscriptions, make sure that you get the best, that you choose material that truly represents the best in professional practice in fundraising.”

A journal that I have found useful because it contains helpful how-to articles and news items is NonProfit Pro (see A recent article particularly caught my attention, which appeared in the January 2017 issue:  “The Best of Tech–New Platforms We Love In The Nonprofit Sector.”

As the author, Maya Bur, states that the relationship between nonprofits and technology is always evolving. And at the same time the value, utility, and significance of technology, especially social media, in carrying out our fundraising efforts is of inestimable value. (For data on how social media is working and increasing in returns, write PSI).

She also acknowledges it’s tough to keep up with the developments. I certainly was surprised to read about some of the new strategies such as GiveCampus and Benevolent. Not only does this article introduce us to some of the best platforms but it also explains “Why we like it,” in other words, why professionals use these and get good results.

NonProfit Pro is worth a look, especially for smaller organizations. You may wish to peruse their website and perhaps get a sample copy.

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