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More than a day...

…It’s a lifestyle.

Enhancing awareness of the vital role of philanthropy and its ever-growing place in our Church. It is more than a day, it’s a crucial part of helping us finish our work.

November 15, 2018

Each year, PSI marks one special day in November to celebrate the spirit of giving. On this day we gather with 750 General Conference building coworkers to recognize the enormous impact that philanthropy has made to many of our own organizations.

Every year, here at the GC, a different organizational recipient is chosen with whom we can share God’s blessings in our own lives. It is our hope that the giving spirit generated there will inspire other individuals and organizations to embrace philanthropy and use it as a pillar of a supportive church growth and visionary thinking.

Please watch this place for a special training event to come in the Fall of 2018  to celebrate National  Philanthropy Day!

What is National Philanthropy Day

and why do we celebrate it?

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