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February 2017 – FYI from the Director

Our profession and field of activity is privileged to have a number of excellent publications that inform our practice and keep us up to date. PSI is fortunate to be able to subscribe to what we consider the best in the myriad of information that assails us!

During 2017 I will be sharing with you key articles from the best publications, and thereby informing our constituents and clients about what’s in print currently, which might be helpful for you to know. I will summarize the highlights of key articles and refer you to the original publication. Of course you may know some of these publications, but others might be new to you.  Or, if you’re new to the field, this will broaden your outlook on what’s available “out there,” and supplement what PSI can do for you.

First, of course, is the long-standing publication on which many of us have relied for years. In my experience it’s been the best all-around resource because it includes articles on current issues, highlights best practices, lists funding sources, has some jobs’ information, and in general keeps us current. A fairly recent addition is the Daily Update, which I appreciate very much because it keeps me reading on a regular basis and truly keeps me up to date. I’m talking about, of course, The Chronicle of Philanthropy (see

For example, an article published in the latter part of 2016 addressed the economic impact of faith-based organizations, both nationally and in our communities. The article cited an important study, the Religious Freedom Project issued by Georgetown University professor Brian Grim and his daughter Melissa, who is a research fellow at the Religious Freedom Center. It will be most instructive for you to peruse this report—

Faith-based organizations might be able to use some of the information, as reported by the Chronicle, as they make a case. These organizations contribute nearly $1.2 trillion annually to the nation!  Congregations in particular are credited with $418 billion in economic impact. That’s highly significant as we reach into our communities for additional funding, besides income from our immediate constituents (i.e., Adventist church members).

I hope that you will find these monthly columns instructive as they point you to additional resources and also the most valuable publications in our dynamic and exciting field!

As always, my best wishes to you for your continuing success,

Dr. Lilya Wagner

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