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June 2017 – Advancing Philanthropy

As most of our readers no doubt know, the Association of Fundraising Professionals is a leading group for the fundraising profession, and one of PSI’s collegial organizations.  Perhaps one of the best features of the association is its journal, Advancing Philanthropy (click herefeaturing the spring issue).

As the website for the journal states, “A true member benefit, Advancing Philanthropy, the bi-monthly magazine published by AFP, provides practical information, useful tools and other resources to help members succeed and advance.”  The short summaries of research studies, special news about chapters or new publications, the feature articles, the Q/A section, and more, all provide a well-rounded information source for the inquiring and thoughtful professional.

We’re particularly proud when on occasion PSI staff and their constituents and/or colleagues are featured in articles or news items.  A recent article, “Show and Tell,” by Wilson “Bill” Levis, Randy Fox, Benjamin Miller and Cathy Craver featured the Fundraising Effectiveness Project (FEP) and provided highly relevant information on understanding how comparative fundraising statistics can be understood and applied to practice, particularly in the area of donor retention.

Launched more than a decade ago and building on the work of pioneers such as Bill Levis and Jim Greenfield, the FEP has seen increasing use by the progressive and careful practitioner and now sports a site on the AFP general website.

The article, “Show and Tell,” has sidebars as well as readable and readily understandable graphs that aid in the application of this innovative and highly useful tool.  The readers is invited to submit comments or questions to

We’re focusing on this feature article in Advancing Philanthropy this month because it’s an exciting and progressive tool and because PSI has developed its own version, the Fundraising Fitness Test.  But we also value our collaboration with AFP as a collegial association, which adds to the service impact of both PSI and AFP.  We encourage you to read Advancing Philanthropy for your own professional growth and knowledge acquisition and will keep you informed about essential items that specifically capitalize on our association with AFP.

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