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May 2017 – Working with a Board of Directors

Nonprofit World Magazine is a useful, readable, hands-on type of journal and is entirely on-line (See Nonprofit World). According to Jason Chmura, Membership Director: “Nonprofit World Magazine is a “must read” and should be on every nonprofit executive and professional’s desk.The online magazine, published quarterly, provides informative and educational articles on the most pressing, challenging topics in nonprofit leadership and management from leading nonprofit experts. It covers everything from board governance and development to the issues affecting day-to-day operations of a nonprofit like accounting, communications, fundraising, human resource issues and management, volunteer management, branding/marketing, and more. Don’t miss out on what nonprofit industry leaders are discussing. Stay in-the-know with Nonprofit World Magazine.

As you noticed, Nonprofit World is now being published exclusively online. The number of members who were opting out of the print version has continued to grow over the past several years, and – coupled with rising print/shipping costs – we would have been forced to raise prices for print issues beyond what we felt was reasonable or sustainable. By making Nonprofit World an exclusively digital publication, we’ll be able to focus our resources on making the online experience far more enjoyable for everybody which we hope will lead to long-term success. The PDF of the full magazine like the one that you received as an attachment is available by logging on to the Members Only section. We send an email reminder to all members when a new issue is available, but do not include the PDF attachment due to the file size.  If you have suggestions on ways to make Nonprofit World more enjoyable as an exclusively online publication, please let me know. We’re in the process of exploring many different options, and welcome any/all feedback.”

In a recent issue one article in particular by Emily Davis that attracted me was “Does 100% Board Giving Matter?” One of PSI’s constituents had recently asked me that and my own response was, “Of course,” but then I realized that at times Adventist organizations don’t adhere to this mantra or practice, and in this context we must acknowledge that Adventist boards are, in some cases, different from the norm in the nonprofit sector in the U.S. This article gives not just the quick-and-easy answers but also provides the rationale for this practice. For example, “When every single board member gives to the organization, it demonstrates a crucial commitment. Board members must set an example for staff, volunteers, and other donors.” The article goes on to give further reasons why board members need to give and provides concrete suggestions as well.

For further board information, including how to work with Adventist boards which at times really ARE different, contact me, Lilya Wagner.

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