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Strengthening the development programs of Adventist institutions will enable them to raise additional support for programs, scholarships, ministry and capital improvement needs. By building the capacity of the fundraising program to work more effectively, our organizations will be healthier and better able to fulfill their missions. The purpose of the Capacity-Building Program (CAP) is to:

  1. Improve the infrastructure for Fundraising Success
  2. Assist Adventist organizations with professional development training.
  3. Fund limited-use external consultants.
  4. Acquire materials or services that will build a Fundraising Program.

Funding recipients:

The PSI Director and key staff will make the final decisions regarding the distribution of grant dollars.  The monetary limit for a grant is $2,000 with most falling in the $500-$1000 range.

Grants would be given on the following basis:

  • The grant request must fall in line with the intent of the grant as described above. Professional development and related travel expenses will be considered only if the organizations can show it will share in these expenses at appropriate levels.
  • Each institution would only be eligible for one grant every other year and priority will be given to applicants who have not previously received funding through the Capacity Building Program.
  • Grant applications will be accepted, reviewed and awarded year round.
  • Grants are awarded only after organization or individual has submitted a “Statement of Impact” report. Special exceptions can be made if this policy would cause an undue financial hardship to the organization or individual.

Capacity Building grants are awarded on a reimbursement basis, not as outright cash.

These grants are awarded to North American Division organizations (those recognized as under the division, union, conference or other entity). If you are not an “official” NAD organization, we will help in any way possible as you carry out your ministry.

To apply, please include the following information in a one page document:

1. Full contact information including name of organization, the main contact person, mailing address, phone, email, website and Facebook, if you have a presence there.

2.Specific amount requested (PSI grants are awards for actual expenses that were incurred rather than a flat amount).

3. Brief information on the organization, history, mission and purpose.

4. The most important component is a paragraph or two outlining how the proposed expenses will improve your organization’s capability to raise funds. Candidates who can draw a direct link to how these funds will improve their current fundraising efforts have the strongest possibility of funding.

Email your Statement of Impact to

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