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The Model for Academy Philanthropy Program

Objectives of the Program

Philanthropic Service for Institutions (PSI), a ministry of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists, supports the financial sustainability and accessibility of Adventist education at academies, K-12 schools, junior academies, and elementary schools whenever possible.  We provide consulting as well as a comprehensive program that is based on best practices and experience by those who have engaged in educational fundraising.  Below are descriptions of three options for PSI intervention and assistance in securing financial support for Adventist education, K-12   The funds granted by PSI for MAP Option 3 are to be used for the fundraising program, including the fundraiser’s salary.  If in doubt, please contact PSI so that you adhere to the guidelines and receive the grant.

Option One:

This grant is available for all K-12 educational levels and includes some or all of what is listed below:

The basics: (email or call 1-443-391-7172)

    • Phone consulting
    • Sharing of materials upon request
    • Referral to resources, lending of books, possible grant searches.
    • A copy of the Successful Fundraising: A Handbook for Best Practices.
    • Database advice

More advanced services:

  • Basic advice on establishing a fundraising program, particularly an annual fund
  • Board training
  • One on-site visit
  • The Fundraising Fitness Test

To receive assistance beyond the basics, the school must fill out an application for services which will be reviewed and acted upon by PSI staff.  Services rendered will be worth up to $2000. Exceptions to submitting an application can be made by PSI staff, depending on circumstances (e.g., on-going consulting relationship, urgency or opportunity factors, etc.).  Application

Option Two:

These services are best suited for institutions that have fundraising in place but wish to improve the program, add components, or review existing activity.  We provide professional help in strengthening specific aspects of existing fundraising programs with these activities and assistance:

  • Any or all of the above, under Option One
  • One on-site visit by a PSI staff member or carefully-selected consultant
  • Fundraising program assessment and report
  • On-site training for selected groups such as alumni
  • Specialized, upon-request training sessions
  • Capital Campaign planning and on-going consulting as much as possible
  • Possible scholarship to attend The Fund Raising School or another approved training.

To receive assistance at this level, the school must fill out an application for services which will be reviewed and acted upon by PSI staff.  Exceptions to submitting an application can be made by PSI staff, depending on circumstances (e.g., on-going consulting relationship, urgency or opportunity factors, etc.).  Services rendered will be worth up to $5000.  Application

Option Three:  MAP Grant Application

The MAP Grant is the most comprehensive of the PSI grants available.  This grant is intended for high school and K-12 schools desiring to establish a full-functioning development department.  This three-year, annually renewable, $46,000 cumulative grant is awarded with a maximum of $12,000 after the completion of year 1 requirements, $17,000 after the completion of year 2 requirements, and $17,000 after the completion of year 3 requirements.

MAP program schools create annual development plans undertaking a full range of development activities including peer-to-peer board solicitation campaigns, faculty & staff campaigns, direct mail fundraising campaigns, online campaigns, phone-a-thons, and major donor cultivation and solicitation campaigns.

MAP program schools engage in a multistep process that occurs as follows:

  1. Submit a MAP Option 3 Grant Online Application. Application must be submitted by July 15 of the current year for a MAP Program to be implemented in the fall, at the beginning of the school year.
  2. After the application is reviewed, your school will be officially accepted into the MAP Program.
  3. Submit quarterly donor data for the PSI Fundraising Fitness Test analysis & reporting.
  4. Complete annual board training led by PSI.
  5. Create and implement a comprehensive, annual development plan.
  6. Receive annual reimbursement after submission of program requirements by July 31st.
  7. Interact with the board and ensure participation and involvement.
  8. Note that after acceptance into the MAP Program, steps 4 through 7 listed above become iterative for each of the three years of participation as a MAP program academy.  Submission of Fundraising Fitness data will continue to be required after completion of Option 3, per instruction by PSI staff.
  9. Submit a final report, as instructed in the MAP requirements criteria of the program sent upon acceptance of application.

MAP Program Eligibility Requirements Overview—submitted by the principal:

  • The school must have at least 10 years of graduating classes.
  • The school must employ a development staff member committed to a minimum of 20 hours per week.
  • The school/board must ensure their financial commitment to program.
  • The board must participate in PSI sponsored trainings on-site.
  • The board/principal must agree to all program requirements.
  • The principal must agree to initial training hosted by PSI.

MAP Program Eligibility Requirements Overview—submitted by the Director of Development:

  • Work with the principal to ensure board training, involvement, and giving.
  • Must commit to using a computerized donor management system.
  • Commit to attending the PSI Conference on Philanthropy or other training in the “off” years.
  • Be conscious of these general requirements/objectives (outlined in more detailed upon PSI follow-up) during the grant year:
  • Create an annual development plan.
  • Submit donor reports.
  • Create and manage direct mail campaigns.
  • Develop a faculty/staff giving campaign.
  • Create a gift policies and procedures manual
  • Implement and engage in major donor activity and visits
  • Develop an annual giving program.
  • Participate in PSI’s Fundraising Fitness Project
  • Provide evidence of regular meetings with administration.
  • Work with alumni and volunteers

A broad-based spectrum.

PSI endeavors to help your organization grow with a wide variety of forward–looking programs.

PSI Presentation on Education

MAP Application PDF

Options One and Two

Option Three

Lilya Wagner

For more information, please contact:

Lilya Wagner

Director of Philanthropic Service for Institutions


Office: 443.391.7172

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