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Each year PSI offers scholarships for professional training events in philanthropy. These scholarships make it possible for newcomers and other professionals to attend conferences that will bolster their skills and provide a higher return on investment for their institutions’ vision and mission. The funds cover related expenses for national and regional conferences. Click on the links below for more information. For more details on the scholarships program contact us at 800.622.1662

New Development Professionals Eligibility Information

Philanthropic Service for Institutions (PSI) is making scholarships available for workshops, conferences, and institutes related to philanthropy. Scholarships will provide financial assistance for national or major conferences (up to $1,500) or for regional or minor conferences (up to $750).

Who Is Eligible?

  1. Any new professional (no more than three years of experience) who works in development or related support service.
  2. Any professional who has moved into a new professional development position within the past three years, for example, moving from marketing to fund raising.
  3. The ideal applicant shows promise for improvement, is highly motivated, and works for an
  4. Adventist institution with limited resources for staff development.

How Do You Apply?
You can do this one of two ways. Please fill out the online form, resume and essay online… or download the PDF and include the essay and your resumé to complete the application through mail. Send completed applications to:

PSI Scholarship Program
9705 Patuxent Woods Drive
Columbia, MD 21046

How Does The Selection Process Work?
Decisions will be made by a volunteer committee. The committee will base its decisions on the career promise of the candidate and on the circumstances of the employing institution. PSI will notify applicants of the results of the committee’s deliberations.

How Are Scholarships Awarded?
Scholarship monies will be paid after:

  1. The recipient has attended the designated educational event and has submitted an expense report itemizing expenditures, including copies of receipts for expenses over $25.
  2. The recipient has completed the questionnaire titled, “Impact of Scholarship.”
  3. The recipient has completed the CAE survey of voluntary support found at

Requests for reimbursement must be received within 60 days of attending the event to be eligible for the scholarship grant.

Steps To Success – Advice on How to Win a PSI Scholarship

If you are planning to apply for a PSI scholarship, the following information may help you to become a scholarship award winner.

The Rules
The intent of this program is to provide promising fundraising professionals with a special career enhancement opportunity that they might not ordinarily receive.

Another important consideration in awarding scholarships is the applicant’s institutional circumstances. In general, this means that some preference goes to those whose institutions, for whatever reason, cannot fund professional development. The reasons are numerous and range from lack of institutional or departmental funds to the applicant’s position within their organization.

But the most important factor is the applicant’s personal characteristics– his or her promise, ambition, talent, and aspirations.

The Winning Applicant
Understandably, your question is probably this: How do I go about developing a successful application? The application requires you to read and follow all guidelines and instructions carefully. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The application should be clear, concise, and grammatically correct. In addition, you should submit all appropriate attachments, including an up-to-date- resumé and all appropriate signatures.

You should choose a conference that relates to your current responsibilities and over career goals (a partial list follows). The true merit of the application rests with your ability to make the case. Convincingly explain your motivation for seeking the educational opportunity and show how the program you have selected will assist you toward meeting your professional goals. Additionally, you must explain in detail why your institution cannot fund your attendance.

Remember These Five Steps to Success:

  1. Read the application and guidelines carefully, fully complete the application, and mail to PSI.
  2. Apply for the most appropriate educational program that is consistent with your job responsibilities.
  3. Make your individual and institutional case convincingly and leave nothing for interpretation.
  4. Make sure you have the support and backing of your institution. Carefully research the cost for travel, room and board, and, if necessary, be prepared to personally cover all additional expenses.
  5. Take the whole process seriously and “put your best foot forward.”
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A helping hand.

PSI knows that even the best laid plans may not come to fruition without training, but can you afford it? PSI scholarships help many professionals each year to proceed from wishful thinking to actual training.

Scholarship Application

This is a partial list of organizations and professional development programs

for which PSI grants scholarships:

CASE conferences


Forum for Fundraising


The Fund Raising School


The Grantsmanship Center


AFP conferences


AHP conferences


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