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September 2017

Beginning this month, PSI staff and I will use this column for a biweekly update of:

  • news in our fundraising, philanthropy and nonprofit professions,
  • updates of exciting events at PSI,
  • special information about clients, and
  • miscellaneous interesting “stuff” in our world.

There is a new editor at the AFP Advancing Philanthropy journal and she is really putting the emphasis on productive and ethical practice.  A recent article discussed how to develop or improve a culture for philanthropy in your organizations.  If you’re not a member, write me and I’ll send you a link or a scanned copy.

Academies are doing it!  In spite of some negative news that circulates in the field, there are stellar academies who are doing fundraising successfully.  Some have been doing it for some time, some are new, some have used PSI’s assistance, others have moved ahead on their own.  A select group came together in April to share their strategies and to discuss what’s going on as well as the possibilities.  There are already some results of this highly productive meeting already.  Write me for a copy of the fundraising implementing and tracking form, designed especially for academies but adaptable to most organizations.  Those who met at PSI were:

Don Short
Shenandoah Valley Academy

Janel Ware
Development Director
Shenandoah Valley Academy

Carla Thrower
Takoma Academy

Ronnie Mills
Development &Advancement
Takoma Academy

Greg Gerard
Georgia-Cumberland Academy

Kevin Emmerson
Director of Development & Alumni Relations
Mount Ellis Academy

Doug Herrmann
Loma Linda Academy

Desiree Quijano
Director of Advancement
Loma Linda Academy

Kris Fuentes
Madison Academy

Taleah Valles-Peters
Director of Development
Madison Academy

Cleopatra Trevilcock
Development Director
Greater Miami Adventist Academy

Marile Estrada
Business Manager
Greater Miami Adventist Academy

Frank Jones
Forest Lake Academy

Melissa Keller
Alumni/Development Director
Forest Lake Academy

Keith Hallam
Vice President of Education
Potomac Conference of SDA

Gus Martin
Superintendent of Education
Arizona Conference of SDA

Social media never ceases to be a topic of interest, high demand, and utility.  We were fortunate to host Nathan Hand, a faculty member at The Fund Raising School, who gave an outstanding webinar on the topic.  If you weren’t able to attend, or didn’t hear about it for some reason, you can access this on our website.  Write Mark Lindemann for assistance:

Sometimes we forget what resources are right at our fingertips.  You have many such resources available at PSI!  Check out the library list of books you can borrow!  These have recently been culled and updated due to the NAD move to a new building.  We’re also fortunate to be able to subscribe to the leading journals and we save the scan the best items, from how-to to news in our profession.  We’re happy to share these with you.  If you need any info write me or the general help line at PSI and we will save you some time and effort.

Until next time!  Always wishing you well,

Mobile:  317-250-8274

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