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New Tools for Improving Donor Retention and Engagement


Donor Retention is poor, and most nonprofits are not even aware that attrition, of both donors and dollars, can completely negate any gains they may have achieved. This fact was established by The Fundraising Effectiveness Project (FEP), which AFP sponsored for the last 8 years, using data from 3,200 organizations.


Improving retention while measuring and controlling losses is the fastest and cheapest way to improve ROI, since every dollar from new donors costs $1.25 to raise, and every dollar from repeat donors only costs .20 cents.


PSI is spearheading a groundbreaking Pilot Project called The Fundraising Fitness Test, which will enable any size Adventist organization with a development program to benchmark their past performance and current reality, so PSI can provide actionable advice on the best steps to increase gains and reduce losses. This Excel based tool quickly produces reports with detailed performance indicators, using just your donor ID number, the date and amount of each gift. It also reveals what donor group and gift range will produce your greatest ROI, and forecast the annual financial growth.

Additional Resources

Additional Resources

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How Fit Is Your Organization? —by Eric J. Daubert, MBA, ACFRE, Wilson “Bill” Levis and Cathleen Williams, Ph.D.

Fundraising Effectiveness Project 

So much data! —by Melissa S. Brown and Andrew Watt, FInstF

Forgetting About “Big Data”: Leading Advancement Services for the Real World —by Bo Crader

Go for the Burn! —by Eric J. Daubert, MBA, ACFRE, and by Steven A. Reed

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